2024 Ohio Girls State Championship

April 20th, 2024

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

1307 E Market St, Akron, Ohio 44305

Organizer: Discovery Chess Academy, https://discoverychess.org/

Contact: Kala Bagley, 330-475-2964, [email protected]


Eligibility:  Any female student or student of a gender minority enrolled in an Ohio School in Grades K through 12 or home-schooled in Ohio in the same grades who is nineteen years old or younger will be eligible to participate.  Current USCF membership is required for all sections. Ratings will be determined by the USCF April rating supplement.

Sections: 5 Rounds for all 3 sections

K-12 Championship: Rds1-2: G/30; d5, Rds3-5: G/45; d5

K-12 U1000 Premier: G/30; d5

K-5 U400 Reserve: G/30; d5

Players may play up in any section. Accelerated Pairings may be used according to OSCA Guidelines

Entry Fees: $45 received by midnight April 5th, 2024, $50 after. No onsite entries. Online registration will close at midnight on Friday April 19th, 2024; $20 for students for students in financial need, write a note when registering.



Please contact Kala Bagley if you would like to register by mail.


Prizes:  Trophies will be awarded to all players achieving a score of 3 points or better in all sections. Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams in all sections. Participation awards to all players. The top player (using tie breaks) in the K-12 Girls Championship section will be offered the opportunity to be the Ohio representative to the National Girls Tournament of Champions held at the US Open or the National Polgar Girls tournament. If that player declines to participate in either event the offer will be passed in turn to the next top finisher until a player accepts.

Schedule: Check-In 8:30-9:30am.  Announcements 9:45am. Round 1 starts at 10am and the following rounds starts ASAP.

Estimated Completion
Championship Sections 5:00pm, Premier 4:00pm, Reserve Section 3:30pm

Additional Information: Sets will be provided. Students need to bring their own clocks and know how to set them. Notation is required for all students in Championship and Premier sections. Half point byes okay, limit 1. Must be requested before round 2 pairings are posted. April official USCF ratings used.

OSCA: All Ohio Scholastic Chess Association guidelines for this event will be followed.